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    Building a Deck is an excellent decision because it gives you an outdoor space to enjoy with friends and relatives. It also increases your property's value. With sunny skies and pleasant days, your deck is a relaxing place to rest and spend time. You also use your deck to grill out, sunbathe, and entertain friends and relatives. To get the most enjoyment out of your deck, you must ensure it remains in perfect condition. Even though most are built to survive the extreme Mt Pleasant weather, and direct sunlight, Decks and Porches are still susceptible to damage. When this happens to your residential or commercial Deck, Porch, Patio, or outdoor structure, you need a reliable local Jacksonville repair company to call. A company like EB Deck and Porches, located right here in Charleston, SC, also serving Daniel Island, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, Charleston, John's Island, James Island, and Kiawah Island

    has many years of experience building and repairing residential and commercial Decks, Patios, Gazebos, and a variety of outdoor facilities. You can be assured we can fix whatever problem.


    A problem that can arise is Broken or Weak Deck Boards. When this happens, it can seriously threaten your deck and put you and your family in danger. While many modern decks use six by six posts, inspecting them regularly is imperative to ensure they are firmly attached to the deck. Also, you should check for rotten or rotting posts, which can be caused by water damage or moisture accumulation. If your deck posts show signs of wear or decay, please immediately call EB Deck and Porches for replacement and repair.


    Because of extreme temperatures here in Charleston SCthere may be fading or discolorations on your deck. Discolored deck boards can make your modern deck appear outdated, which is why you need to pay to refinish it every few years. Our professionals can help you with this job to ensure you have a good appearance. Call us today!


    Are termites the biggest enemy of your deck’s good condition? Because your deck is outside your house, it is exposed to these small, destructive insects which can destroy it. So, suppose you notice or suspect a termite infestation in your home. In that case, it’s a brilliant idea to call pest-control experts immediately before the damage worsens and destroys your entire property.


    Besides regularly checking your boards, you should ensure your deck beams do not have water damage or cracks. Beams need to be firmly fastened and shouldn’t be sagging. Even a slight defect in your deck beams can be a threat, and you need to call us right away to repair the problem to ensure the deck is safe for you to use.


    If an inexperienced homeowner or contractor built your Deck, this could affect the integrity of your structure. When you step on your Deck and feel any weakness, the deck probably needs repair. Could you check the system under the deck to ensure the joist hangers, post connections, and ledger boards are all secure and complete? If you feel or fear there is a problem, call us now so we can check out the problem and repair the problem. We offer a free quote for all our services. Contact EB Deck and Porches in Mt Pleasant today for a free estimate for all your deck repair and maintenance needs.

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